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Re: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

I disagree.? You can call me "prejudiced" or "discriminatory" but if you select one person from a race of half-giants and one person from a race of gnomes, 99.9% of the time the half-giant will be stronger.? Even more subtle differences exist that are cultural or even related to a person's sex.? In my opinion, and this is also not represented in Mele, but I think that some races should be suprerior to others in every way, not just one or two statistics.? An average elf, for example might have better stats in every category over an orc.

This type of philosophy was shown well in the series Babylon 5.? The idea that it takes 20 or more humans to kill one Vorlon, for example, is more realisitic in my opinion to the idea that all humaniod races are basically the same.? 

Inequities exist, and I'm a fan of playing up those inequities to get people to work harder at their own inadequacies.

BTW.. my inflamatory remarks in the last email were entirely meant to stir the pot, and in no way represented an argument that I consider valid.

Good Fortune,

> from original message

  This is precisely what I think should be jettisoned.  Having players choose
a Race under these conditions provides almost no opportunity for creative
interpretations.  It is an archaic straight jacket of the 18th century and it
is time for it to go.  How do we explain the 8 point variation in starting MEN
(mankind is a better word.)  Are those points EDUCATION, SOCIAL STATUS, WEATH,
LIFESTYLE?  What are they.  Do we mean to continue with the 8 points as the
normative spread of genetic variation?

David Michael Grouchy II
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