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Re: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

I don't quite see what you're suggesting here - your example doesn't go very far to converting the game to something else, even on a "word value" level; it just takes one step, where many others would be needed to make a new cohesive sense. Otherwise we've just got "Reginald the (cough) Crafting based economy has the highest DX, so er... it, swings its broadsword at Markus the other Crafting based economy... Later, Srrga the Transportation based economy attempts a tail-sweep...".

So, one way that could go is you could make a world-domination wargame using the TFT combat mechanics, though it wouldn't be much of a representational match.

And THAT gets at why TFT appealed to me strongly, while D&D didn't, way back in the day - it's a much closer and caring representation of cause, effect, and proportion in low-tech combat and world and adventure design, than D&D, at least from our way of understanding. It suspended our disbelief for many years... until we started noticing and being bothered by things like the topics this board brings up when it suggests rules adjustments; wanting more unpredictability, options and details; and how powerful/invulnerable the long-time surviving characters were, especially with a couple of magic items. (Our long-term TFT games had characters who essentially broke the TFT combat system, because most of the established sense-making game world (mostly typical 28-to-36-point non-magic types) had essentially no chance to make combat interesting for them, so much of the world was somewhat broken and not so interesting.) Then we got more and more interested in making the system more satisfying to our more demanding tastes. Then GURPS came and did what we were doing to TFT, more efficiently, and that kept us satisfied for several more years, though we also kept tweaking. The only point where the tweaking really interfered with play was when our main TFT games seemed not a lot of fun to play, because most of the combats were so predictable unless something really outlandish happened.


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Rules variants are the flavor of the age.

   So, rules variants are the flavor of the age.  Well I've got one.  Tell me
what you think.  Don't be shy.  You know I wouldn't.

   Change the HUMANOID RACES to read ``. . . BASED ECONOMY.``  Have all the
exact same stats and special abilities including the penalty of double exp for
some.  Use the existing cross breed rules.  Here is a conversion table.

   MEN = Crafting based economy
   ORCS = Plundering based economy

   ELVES = Recording  based economy

   DWARVES = Warehousing  based economy

   GOBLINS = Appraising based economy

   HOBGOBLINS = Handling  based economy

   HALFLINGS = Herding  based economy

   PROOTWADDLES = Advertising based economy

   CENTAURS = Hunting based economy

   GIANTS = Farming based economy

   GARGOYLES = Prospecting  based economy

   REPTILE MEN = Transporting  based economy

   MERMEN = Fishing based economy

   Or is there some important reason that combat should be adjusted before
race is take out of the game.  I really hope I'm not alone in seeing this.  It
seems incredible how many years people will spend chasing one gnat while
maintaining blindness to the whole camel.  It the day ever going to come where
what has the most meaning to us can be summed up in two words.  Word value.

David Michael Grouchy II

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