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RE: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

> I'd say that the different races are empowered with different statistics for
evolutionary and genetic reasons, not because they tend to work specific


> Yo, David!? You're being a total racist!? Where do the women fit in your
picture?? Is there a homemaker based economy??


> Richard

   Last part first.  Obvious attempt at a reversal.  I raised the issue of
Race because I feel it should be addressed.  Further, TFT was the first game
to explicitly have male and female characters equal so you're second addition
is just clouding the waters.  I assume you are being funny.  Now about the
first line up there

>  statistics for evolutionary and genetic reasons

  This is precisely what I think should be jettisoned.  Having players choose
a Race under these conditions provides almost no opportunity for creative
interpretations.  It is an archaic straight jacket of the 18th century and it
is time for it to go.  How do we explain the 8 point variation in starting MEN
(mankind is a better word.)  Are those points EDUCATION, SOCIAL STATUS, WEATH,
LIFESTYLE?  What are they.  Do we mean to continue with the 8 points as the
normative spread of genetic variation?

David Michael Grouchy II

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