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RE: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

> I'm a bit confused myself.  My steppe-living nomadic hunter-gatherer elven

> tribes have some oral history....  But I wouldn't call it a recording-based

> society.  And the deep-forest-dwelling ninja-mage halflings don't herd much

> of anything.  Those are extreme cases, but the rest seem a bit limiting

> for a fully developed world.


> Eric

      For being confused you post reads with the best comprehension.  I accept
your definition of limiting.  It is possible that your world is so rich and
textured because of the advanced level of cultural melting.  Here I'll
simplify the list.  How does it read now?


 MEN = Crafting

 ORCS = Plundering

 ELVES = Recording

 DWARVES = Warehousing

 GOBLINS = Appraising

 HOBGOBLINS = Handling

 HALFLINGS = Herding

 PROOTWADDLES = Advertising

 CENTAURS = Hunting

 GIANTS = Farming

 GARGOYLES = Prospecting

 REPTILE MEN = Transporting

 MERMEN = Fishing

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