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RE: (TFT) Variants = flavor of the age

Hi David,

The list of lifestyles is fine, and could be quite useful when putting
together quick enclaves/clans etc., but I am not sure why it is attached to
the races.  Just within the human race on Earth, we have examples of both
individuals and groups specializing in all of the below, as well as a number
of combinations.  Any trading clan for example would need experts in many of
those areas.  

I could easily see a list like this as the basis for an overarching mixed
race society with a strong caste system.  But I guarantee that culture would
be having interesting problems (in my game) with individuals, groups and
cultures with a variant approach.  Actually, I may borrow it to further
flesh out the society that is causing most of the unrest currently in the
Middle Sea area.  The (mostly Goblin) MageLords with their Hobgoblin hordes,
powerful magics and golems have conquered a number of areas, this gives me
an idea for how to develop their management plan for the vanquished.  Since
a number of players were caught up in their recent conquest of Ardonnirane
(given the very high percentage of current or former Thorsz Guard among the
playerbase), I will soon need a bit more detail for the forthcoming book
"The MageLands on 10 Corpses a Day"



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> I'm a bit confused myself.  My steppe-living nomadic hunter-gatherer 
> elven

> tribes have some oral history....  But I wouldn't call it a 
> recording-based

> society.  And the deep-forest-dwelling ninja-mage halflings don't herd 
> much

> of anything.  Those are extreme cases, but the rest seem a bit 
> limiting

> for a fully developed world.


> Eric

      For being confused you post reads with the best comprehension.  I
accept your definition of limiting.  It is possible that your world is so
rich and textured because of the advanced level of cultural melting.  Here
I'll simplify the list.  How does it read now?


 MEN = Crafting

 ORCS = Plundering

 ELVES = Recording

 DWARVES = Warehousing

 GOBLINS = Appraising

 HOBGOBLINS = Handling

 HALFLINGS = Herding

 PROOTWADDLES = Advertising

 CENTAURS = Hunting

 GIANTS = Farming

 GARGOYLES = Prospecting

 REPTILE MEN = Transporting

 MERMEN = Fishing

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