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Re: (TFT) Word Value

I think you're projecting what you like about TFT on other people.

For example, I've come back to TFT out of an appreciation for how well the Advanced Melee and ITL rules mimic pre-gundpowder skirmish tactics and weapons. I like the results of its combat and the way it rewards or punishes certain weapon and armor loads and tactical decisions. 

When playing it as a skirmish wargame "ST 12" means less to me than "broadsword". Where some skirmish wargames might say "pay 160 unit points for a warrior with battleaxe and chainmail" TFT says "pay 6 to hit units for a warrior with battleaxe and chainmail". That is important to me, because I ask for a certain verisimilitude in my play, and I find that the TFT "formulas" provide more of that for me than most other games I've tried.

I like being able to build TFT warriors to match the weapons and armor of various miniature figures I have. And although I enjoy the challenge of coming up with stories to justify the battling of all those figures, at the end of the day for me it's more about playing with toys than it is about creating a story.

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> Word Value
>    So I've been talking for over two months now about
> the same thing in every
> post.  Word Value.  Yet what I read here makes me feel some
> are further from
> implementation that when I started.  I'm pretty sure my
> story telling is more
> effective than my direct discourse.  But I have to ask,
> does anyone care which
> formula is used on an active defense DX ability.  Or if it
> is used at all.
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