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RE: (TFT) Word Value

> Who said that, Sartre or Nietzschze? ;-)


> Aidan

     Haha ha.

     I like TFT because it is both east and west and does not pander to
western culture like either of those.  Armor in TFT does slow one down just
like the Wu masters taught.  The bola, boomerang, and blowgun are well
represented and almost overpowered in spite of how European imperialists
viewed the Native cultures that they come from.  And Unarmed combat really is
a way of life if one wants to pursue it and not something fully realized by
study on the weekends.
    As to Nietzsche he really is the ultimate coffee house quarter back.  So
he turned the Greek choir back to face the performers, so what.  We have
interactive games on a world wide communications network.  If we had listened
to him we would all be proud farmers who are proud of our noble over lords,
and their noble computer illiteracy.
   Sartre on the other hand I think is just an unfair thing to put on me.  I
would prefer Pascal, or Descartes for a discussion on TFT.  No strike that.  I
would prefer the Declaration of Independence with its "created equal" themes.
Wait.  You know what.  Kepler.  More than Newton, or even Galileo, I prefer
Kepler.  At least these guys show you their math, their work.  One can try and
reproduce their results.  To this day I'm pretty sure no one is still certain
what Sartre actually said.

David Michael Grouchy II

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