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RE: (TFT) Word Value

Quoting David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>:

represented and almost overpowered in spite of how European imperialists
viewed the Native cultures that they come from.  And Unarmed combat really is
a way of life if one wants to pursue it and not something fully realized by
study on the weekends.

I'm somewhat of the opinion  that Unarmed Combat in TFT suffers from the
American cultural mindset of the 70's. More recent study seems to show that any
reasonably complete system medieval system of fighting (western or eastern)
includes both weapons and unarmed combat. Heck, Fiore begins with unarmed
combat and then moves to weapons, in very much the same way tat the Filipino
arts do. His opinion was that as soon as you're close enough to touch the
opponent with you're hand, it's no longer a sword fight, it's a wrestling
match. Of course, his ides of wrestling usually involved broken limbs. And any serious system of combat requires more than cursory practice, whether is uses a weapon or not, or both.
Neil Gilmore
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