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RE: (TFT) Word Value

> > Quoting David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com>:
> >
> > represented and almost overpowered in spite of how European imperialists
> > viewed the Native cultures that they come from.  And Unarmed combat really
> > a way of life if one wants to pursue it and not something fully realized
> > study on the weekends.

> I'm somewhat of the opinion  that Unarmed Combat in TFT suffers from the
> American cultural mindset of the 70's.

    I can agree with this.

> More recent study seems to show that any
> reasonably complete system medieval system of fighting (western or eastern)
> includes both weapons and unarmed combat. Heck, Fiore begins with unarmed
> combat and then moves to weapons, in very much the same way tat the
> arts do.

     Yes, and all military jobs in TFT require UC I for sergeant.  It's the
life path of reaching UC V and the massive sacrifice of any other talents or
goals to achieve this that I was alluding too.  The eastern tradition of
dedicating ones life to the "way."  The "way" as a life long path that few
ever reach the end of, and even then find that the end is just another
beginning.  Very unwestern.

> And any serious system of combat requires more than cursory practice,
> whether is uses a weapon or not, or both.
> Neil Gilmore

       "You must study diligently."
     - Miyamoto Musashi

    So give me a recommended link to this Fiore person.  I am a lifelong Go
Rin No Sho myself, with rock gardens and the Shendin Zukuri as my focus in
Landscape Architecture.  But after years of delving deep into China and the
Tao I have come back to America.  To me, on the Tao scale of "the advantage
comes from what isn't there" TFT is off the charts, and no other game comes
close, let alone knows itself well enough to stand up out of the mud.  In a
discussion once of why the "Art of War" seems so timeless and to last forever,
where as European fads seem to come and go in cycles we come to the
realization that Greek Logicians "mean" what they say, and Chinese Taoists
"circumscribe" what they say.  But I find Jackson to be American, a synthesis
of both into something more.  He "only says what he means."  But if my hunch
is correct I may be able to find some post Islamic influence in Fiore.  Let's
see.  A quick google and I find "Fiore dei Liberi"  Nope he predates the
expulsion from Spain.  But what is this.


    He has sketches of planequin carrying elephants.  So some definite
influence from India, or at least Hannibal.  Hmmm.  Still this guy looks pure
western Nobility.

David Michael Grouchy II

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