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RE: (TFT) Word Value


LOL! I was a philosophy major in college- have the same feeling about
Sarte. Never liked him. Though Nietzsche was touched. Loved Kierkegaard.
Heidegger freaked me out. As for the refence, it was really much more
shallow than what you took it for. Your prior statement...aha..Kafka,
that's what I was looking for!!! Maybe.

As for weapons represented in TFT, the spear thrower is a cool weapon.
I've made archery equipment from tree to hand-rubbed finish. I recently
made an atlatl and some makeshift darts. In my research, it seems that
it was a fairly powerful weapon. Many cultures abandoned it for the bow,
although some retained the atlatl. I think the Maya retained it but the
Aztecs dropped it for the bow. However, once the Spanish came, the
atlatl was readopted by the Aztecs apparently because of its armor
piercing qualities. It didn't really throw "spears". Today the
enthusiasts call them "darts". "Spears" are what people chuck in Africa.
In fact, every continent had the atlatl except Africa, the inhabitants
of which apparently prefered to do this by hand! The hand-thrown spear
would be heavier. The atlatl darts are essentially very long (5'-8')
arrows of maybe 3/8" diameter. The can be amazingly accurate. Here's a
youtube link to someone who knows how to throw them:

Anyway, in TFT you have a spear and if you add a spear thrower it does
more damage. really, these are two different weapon systems.  A spear is
a spear. An spearthrower would have different ammo.


B B B B  Haha ha.

  To this day I'm pretty sure no one is still certain
what Sartre actually said.

David Michael Grouchy II

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