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Re: (TFT) SPOILER TFT Deathtest Spiders

At 1:52 -0400 9/15/08, TFT Digest wrote:
Wow that was one GREAT write up.  I appreciate all the effort you put into

Seconded. Thanks, Sgt. Hulka!

One further thing to note; even if you have a character with no armor be the one to open the chest (and hence get all the spiders on him), a Wizard with Fire is a big help. Cast Fire on the en-spidered character. Fire does 2 hits, all the spiders die. The character takes 2 hits, but that's not so bad. He walks out of the fire next turn before getting burned further.

But you have already taken the correct lesson: characters with no armor in Death Test are very unlikely to make it.

The embryonic form of the "A-Team" given in an earlier post of mine made it as beginning characters. They were lucky with the bears, and they got noticeable benefit from the +1 Damage Dwarves get from using Ax/Mace weapons. Later, they made it through DT2 as 36-point characters; they were lucky there with the octopus. For that one, I did take Fine weapons and armor, assuming Talin manufactured it while he was working up to 36 points. It was really fun to have Talin charge up to the big fighter, parry (total 10 hits) to just *take* his attack, and let Brulin knock him down with the crossbow. We left him lying there unconscious. Hope he made it OK, he was a neat character.

At 1:52 -0400 9/15/08, Rick wrote:
In Advanced Melee somewhere it says that you can
attack twice per turn the first attack is -4 DX and
the second is at -6 DX.  (If my memory has not
totally failed me.)  Various talents can improve

AM, P. 13, "Left-Hand Weapons", last paragraph.

"A person who does not have this (Two Weapons) talent may attempt the same feat, but his DX will be -6 for each attack, and he gets no defensive advantage."
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