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(TFT) Epic TFT fiction.

I wrote this 8 years ago and posted it on the list. Feel free to comment.

Id like to do a continuation but


The tomb of Moldyben (c)2000 Joel Siragher jodasi@hotmail.com all rights

This story line is original. It is set in the Southern Elyntia. All names
listed in this story that come from the map in 'IN THE LABYRINTH' are the
property of Metagaming. All other names and story line is my own property
and creation and bear no resemblance to anything in my recollection.

Please email me for permission to repost.

The story is set at the time of the human colonization of Southern Elyntia.

When the east was still young, a few crafty men found their way to the top
of the heap. It was a time when great leaders drew borders and other leaders
drew steel. Benjin Mouldeau was such a man. He was a wealthy patron and
logger in the duchy of Dran. He was commissioned by Duke Lefluer of Dran to
deforest and build the villages of Bendwyn, fort Bendwyn, Enkarr, Horst,
Fettle, Dill and Fort Bright River at Ater,.

Lumber was a big business. He also sold it to the duchy of Kel and Bolors
and some over seas. Port Podliforki and the city of Tro were built as trade
cities for Dran. The beautiful and mysterious Huldre forest went from the
parallel formed by the southern tip of the Gargoyle Mountains and lake Akars
to the southern tip of the Tanander.
It was about the time that Dill was built that the orcs, dark elves, goblins
and some of the less known and lesser savory races of the Huldre met and
decided to stop the logging.

Toward the end of the meeting The Epilord of the Huldre, (some say part
dragon/part giant,) and guaranteed his aid in case they decided on War. And
so it was. The races formed decided to put aside their minor differences and
form themselves into an alliance called The Blackfist Empire. The druid
priests of Huldre offered their services aimed at capturing the Duke of
Dran's palatial hunting house in the Huldre.

The orcs aided the priests in capturing the house, and made it the capital
of Huldre. Later at the end of the second war it was dubbed LandMaster hall,
(another longer story).

During the first year Dran lost the villages of Dill, Bendwyn, Fort Bendwyn
and Horst to the orcish host. Podliforki was taken by the goblins as was
Enkarr and fettle. The dark elves fought hard to keep the Bright River
cluttered with Drannish shipwrecks. These were barges and short oared ships
that foolishly ordered to patrol the Bright River. All that remained of Dran
were towns and villages north of Fettle.

Having secured their borders The Blackfist Empire sent a halfling envoy to
Dranning to deliver a declaration of peace. Dran turned them down. About a
year into the war the dwarves of the Gargoyle Mountains entered the fray.
They took back Bendwyn. The orcs didn't offer much resistance and merely
fell back to the fort at Bendwyn and Dill, digging in for the long haul. The
partners of the newly formed Dwarven/Drannish alliance decided to accept the
peace agreement. Winter set in and parties took a few months to secure
things and assess their casualties. Came spring Moldeau sunk some of his
fortune into courting the other provinces. It was his goal to see the Bright
River free of the Blackfist raiding parties. He successfully petitioned the
duke of Kell and the Dike of Deseret into lending skilled artisans to build
new warships.

Shipyards were built in Canigli, Tro, Kel, and Bordre. Smiterins, Duke and
Warlord of Bolors, himself of orcish lineage took exception to this
aggressive new position and laid siege on Canigli. Leanderleh, Princess of
Elfwood sent some of her elite elven archers to defend the city. They did so
successfully until Smiterins had an received undead reinforcements by the
Epilord's Necromancers. They raised the army at the Ruins on the Upper

The humans and elves quickly vacated back to Fork and Osley. At a meeting at
Revoreesh the Fairy Lords, Pixies, and the Gargoyles signed on with the
elves to defend the Fork and Osley. They called themselves the Elvish
League. Having a foot hold on the northeast, Smiterins allied with the
Blackfist on Tro.

Smiterins attacked from the north and the Blackfist army from the south. Tro
miraculously held them off. This commenced the second full war with The
Blackfist Empire. But this time the Blackfist's had to deal with the humans
of Kel, Dran, Deseret, the dwarves army, and the Elvish league.

The second war was bloodier than the first. Dran recaptured Bendwyn and ran
plague barges down from Bendwyn to Podliforki. Moldeaus home was sabotaged
with plague rats at this point and he and his family died. Battles
continually raged along the northern edge of the Huldre, and from Podliforki
up to the shore to the upper Trassy. Close to the end of the Second War a
company of wraiths and a large battalion of orcs fought their way up the
king Atar river and devasted Enkarr and Trews and met the dwarvish army at
the Battle of Littlehill. It was glorious. Finally the host of the Tanander
revealed himself.

He was called the Burning King of Tanander. He and his host of 5 thousand
horrors emerged from the Huldre and marched on the southern plains of Dran.
They were met by the Drannish army, the Kelish army and for some unknown
reason The duke of Bolors stopped his seige on Tro and turned his forces to
aid Dran against the Burning King Himself! The battle raged for 3 long fall
months, night and day until the Drannish fields where cleansed of the
horrors that Tanader sired.

Those that did not die were chased back into the southern depths of the
Tanander. It was the end of the Blackfist empire and time to rebuild.
Landmaster hall is the tomb of Moldeau family. He and his family were laid
to rest there by the mysterious Druids of Huldre. Dran permanently suspended
logging in the Huldre, and in return, the plague rats disappeared. Bolors
won a peace treaty with the other duchys, and a long-standing alliance was
enjoyed by all untill...
Next time. :)
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