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(TFT) baseball

>>The action of a melee battle is often about the same length as a play in
baseball.? A pitch, a swing, a scramble and a run, a throw and a catch!? He's
outta there. So, I guess what I'm saying is... the average baseball player
must only be ST 9 (little girl powerful).?

Next thought: steroids in TFT?  Can you reduce the number of EP it takes to
raise ST by using steroids?  NOT the kind of wholesome idea I wanna suggest to
my kids...

Next thought: how would you model baseball and football in Adv Melee?  What's
the roll to hit a small object flying at you at 80 mph?   Would a tackle be a
successful entrance into HTH, followed by the whistle?

    Then there's rugger scrum and the whole question of the "mass shield push"
rules we talked about in reference to the movie "300".

Craig B
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