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Re: (TFT) Death test first encounter: spider probs....

I have a character named "slime" who is pretty much a 42 point armored tank.? He stops a ridiculous 11 points of damage (it's not important how).? 

Anyway, this meathead is famous for really only one thing, and that's taking people into HTH with his magic dagger "bloody tempest".? You see, he figured out that the vast majority of people couldn't even scratch him in HTH.? 

Getting on with the story, once upon a time our party was attacked by "hundreds" of "thumb sized" warrior ants.? It was already ruled in by other player's comments that the ants were too big to get under our armor without a roll or an action and in the first two turns they did nothing but swarm us.? Slime was out in front, go figure, and he was swarmed with the majority of the ants.? The players in the wedge to his side and behind him died in the first two rounds leaving him essentially alone with only the support of a gnome who was about to die himself.? 

I successfully argued that the ants did not actually take me in HTH.? The GM actually was thinking I would have an advantage in HTH anyway, and I think he didn't see what was coming.? You see, the wizard was holding the insect poison bomb, but he was unable to ready and use it before the ants killed him.? He tried a megahex avert instead and failed, to his own demise.? 

So, there was slime, 70% of the ants swarming him and probably going to die.? But, he was ruled still able to stand, and this meant he was also able to use thrown weapons.? This meant he could ready and throw a grenade in the same turn.? So, Slime became famous for what would forever be known as (no offense) the "polish combat maneuver".? Yes, he readied a 3 die megahex grenade and dropped it at his own feet.? He couldn't reach the wizard's bomb, and probably couldn't make it that far anyway.? But, even injured after two rounds, he was still stopping 11 and the average damage on three dice is 10.5.? So, it was a coin flip if he would take "ANY" damage at all.? The ants were not as lucky.? They all took 3 die damage and were each killed with only one point.? He killed them all with two grenades.? Regrettably, the gnome didn't survive the second grenade and took massive damage beyond the amount of healing we had in our packs.? But, the other two in adjacent hexes (originally horrified at the tactic) were hardly injured any further, taking only 1d in the adjacent hexes.? 

Ok, I didn't start out by saying that Slime was a rocket scientist.? But he sure was fun.

Good Fortune,

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The spiders, what a pain!  A year or 2 ago, I was working on a javascript app
to play out DT1 in a browser (haven't touched it lately).  I remember having
to code in a bunch of special cases just to handle exceptions for the
spiders.  In testing the spider room, the fights just ended up being tedious
and I decided it would be easier and more fun to just reduce the whole
encounter to a single roll with results based upon armor worn.  Usually I just
skipped the chest as I didn't want the gold bars anyway.  I never did find a
good way to defeat the bears without taking serious casualties.
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