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Re: (TFT) Word Value

Quoting Todd Roseberry <paleryder1@verizon.net>:

I agree about the cultural influence on TFT's HTH system. When most people
think of martial arts and swordman, the usually think of chinese and
japanese arts. Yea, they might think of the Three Musketeers but that
doesn't really count. A relative of mine who immersed himself in eastern
martial arts recently confessed that the western swordsman were probably
pretty good. How many know anything about swiss bucklermen? A person more
involved in modern self-defense championed the western swordsman when he
said that in the use of the sword was developed as an art, in the West, it
was developed as a science.

It was pretty scientific everywhere, when you get down to it. Heck, there's
versions of Fiore out there where the text is in rhyming couplets. The point
being that often the cultural form of the text made it looka artistic, or
modern translations of words (like using 'art' for martial arts) makes it seem
romantic, at the core everyone knew this was about killing people.
Most of all, it's not necessary. These
differences can be part of the story.

I agree. The game mechanic differences are pretty moot.
Oh, while I'm at it, I do miss an eskrima/arnis/kali style art in the game. Techincally, when not using a blade, the eskrimador just uses clubs. How
could you represent this aspect of eskrima without reducing the weapon to a
"mere" club? Would you just use a club as a weaopn but allow the application
of fencing talent for damage? That would be the easiest way, wouldn't it?

Or allow UC skills to be used while using weapons, While I'm at it. allow them
to be used while wearing armour. It's another one of those inaccuracies that
armour is all that restricting, or at least restricting to the point where it
inhibits movement and fighting.
Neil Gilmore
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