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Re: (TFT) Word Value

Quoting Todd Roseberry <paleryder1@verizon.net>:

So, it's really a powerful bow. It's drawbacks? Long darts that flag game or
otherwise give away your position. Probably noisy and clumsy to carry the
long darts in the woods. It's difficult to find dart material of the
significantly long length. The length is important because it contributes to
the spine of the dart. I can easily find material for arrows 28-33" long,
but not 5-8' river cane or bamboo. You can carry a lot more arrows in a
quiver than you can carry darts in your hand. It's near impossible to use an
atlatl from horseback.

I must disagree. There are numberous tribes living in jungles whose arrows are
close to the lengths of darts, and they seem to have no problems. I have also
personally witnessed an atlatl used from horseback, and there didn't seem to be any more problem with this than with a bow. Probably less, as once it's loaded, it requires only one hand to operate.
Neil Gilmore
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