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Re: (TFT) Death test first encounter: spider probs....

At 16:56 -0400 9/15/08, TFT Digest wrote:
 I never did find a
good way to defeat the bears without taking serious casualties.

Requires a couple of ingredients.

1) Party with 4 people, divide one person on Bear 1, three on Bear 23

2) the one can get around to Bear 1, stop him (let the bear charge), and "disengage" before getting plastered. Repeat to buy time for the 3. Do not allow HTH. A wizard, if high enough DX, can do this well - armor is immaterial and a hindrance.

3) the 3 have either a Wizard with some special effects (Fireball + good dice, Giant Rope, Illusion of bear?) *or* pole weapons. They manage to charge and knock down Bear 2 before he plasters one of them. Repeat charge until Bear 2 dies, finishing him off before Bear 1 can force the 1 back into the fray, then switch to Bear 1.

4) The party wins initiative on the first turn, so that they can keep the bears apart long enough for the 3 to bring down the first bear.
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