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Re: (TFT) baseball

Quoting lifeisfun@aol.com:

I kinda like the talent, but it seems redundant to Warrior/Vet, or the actual shield talent.? Maybe this could be an expert skill with a shield.? Prerequisite: Shield Talent.?

Yes, I forgot to put the prereq. in. It isn't redundant with Warrior/Veteran. It is a Talent that's only useful when fighting with a similarly trained group.
Obviously someone's been watching "300" recently.? I like the shield work in Gladiator, at the beginning.

Nope. It's 30 years of seeing the things in action. When shieldmen stand side by
side, a lot of angles for offensive blows are cut off. Since TFT doesn't deal
much with defense in an active way (we've been having that conversation
remember), and does deal with hits stopped, this increases hits stopped. If I
were justifying it realistically, I'd be saying that having your buddy next to
you cuts off the angles for the most powerful blows (because it kinda does). (P.S. I also allow Fencing as a Talent to be taken with other prerequisites than
Sword. So Fencing with an Ax/Mace prereq. allows the Fencing bonuses when
fighting with AX/Mace weapons. I've seen too many highly skilled people to
beleive that those sorts of bonuses can only be gained with a sword.)

Neil Gilmore
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