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Re: (TFT) Seeking PBEM TFT Game

These are PBEM groups I know of:

Loran RPG - Currently inactive
My campaign world and pbem game on Yahoo!
In The Labyrinth - Very active 
Kelly's Nall's PBEM TFT Role Playing game. 
A very active group-game, offering action, adventure and entertainment in a variety of settings from the city of Bandori to the zombie haunted wilderness. 
Thail - Very active 
TFT: Thail is a play-by-email roleplaying campaign using The Fantasy Trip RPG system; created by Dave Seagraves and GameMastered by Rick Smith. 
"The setting is Thail  the Mnoren's Earth-sized world, created as a prototype before building Cidri. Heroes and wizards get into adventures, right wrongs, slay monsters, pursue romance, fulfill their destinies, and become rich, famous, and powerful in the process . . . ala Dungeons & Dragons. Of course the setting is also very similar to Tolkien's Middle Earth. "The Lord of the Rings" fans will probably enjoy this campaign." 
World of Cendri - currently Inactive 
Tim Sireno's Vintage PBEM TFT Role Playing game. 
"The World of Cendri is a The Fantasy Trip (TFT) RPG set in a multi-player created universe where monsters, men, magic and sometimes technology clash in a unbelievably large world setting complete with many diverse cultures and strange creatures. 
As a player of one of the world's many races and opposing factions, you can develop a character whose actions in life will determine many fates through the use of creative role playing." 
Ironmound lands in TFT - New Very active 
"These lands, seperated for centries by the Great Mist, has opened, revealing new lands, new races and adventure...care to travel there?" 
note: restricted or invite only, if interested send E-mail to Group owner. Put TFT in subject. 

Chris Nicole

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "David Jackson" <azog@bellsouth.net>
> To: tft@brainiac.com
> Subject: (TFT) Seeking PBEM TFT Game
> Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 22:27:20 -0500
> Hello everyone!
> I want to play TFT, but have no local players available...(I think)...unless
> DMG invites me to his group...
> So I'm looking for a PBEM group...anyone know of one? (For TFT, of course).
> Thanks!
> David Jackson
> =====

Chris Nicole

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