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(TFT) After "Ike"

Friday morning my wife (Terra) and I went a ahead and evacuated at the prompt
from the
local fire department. And my worried in-laws. We went to Kerrville and stayed
with Terra's
dad and watched the news and the internet to see when we could come back. As
of monday night our apartments had no power or phone service, this was
restored early tuesday morning sometime and we arrived back home this evening.
We were blessed
by God's grace and protection finding everything intact and no damage to our
stuff. Our
other family memebers down here are well and with little damage to property,
and even
cat (Penelope) is doing quite well.
I consider myself to be quite lucky and I praise God that this storm as bad as
it was
and could have been much worse for every body, did not cause massive loss of
We will all recover and even though it was very bad for many, for me I was
and my trust in God kept me relatively stress free.
I know many of you all prayed for me and my family and for that I thank God,
and I thank you. I believe those prayers were answered.
May God Bless you and Keep you in the name of My Lord and Savior, Jesus
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