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(TFT) Killing Bears in DT

>  I never did find a
>good way to defeat the bears without taking serious casualties.

We like to use aimed shots to the leg(s), mostly with missile weapons, and
often you can put a bear down, then he can't hit you for a turn or two (or
possibly put him down to 3 legs and little movement) AND you get your heavy
hitter to go with a +4 DX to inflict many hits (such as with a battleaxe or
pole weapon).  Remember a crossbow gets +1 DX when prone, making the bear a
little easier to hit, as well.

What might be interesting, since TFT is such a great little "wargame" unto
itself, is a discussion of various approaches to defeat some of the standard
rooms in DT, DTII, Orb Quest, Security Station, etc..This could be
considered from both the players' AND the GM's perspective! :-)

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