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Re: (TFT) The Lost Orb - A TFT Mass Combat Scenario

Sgt Hulka wrote:

I just ran this...Knights of the Round Table versus Last of the Romans versus Pagan Thunder using your house rules with a couple of my own:

1) I allowed Warhorses costed according to their points within the range given for them in Into the Labyrinth (so the cheapest warhorse at ST 24, DX 13, IQ 6 was 43 points, which Sir Percival, Sir Galahad and Sir Bors all chose).
2) Since I was playing in a setting where fine plate was inappropriate, I allowed teams that could have gotten fine plate to get any other magical item worth up to $5,000. Thor chose enchanted silver chainmail and Flavius Aetius chose a reverse missiles tower shield.

I was really suspect of your division of ST and magical ST...I was afraid that would give Thor too much of an advantage. Thor definitely rocked hard, but he ====

Talk about a cliffhanger :)

Well,  how'd it go?  I've been thinking about running this one.

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