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(TFT) Troubles with chase

   One of the troubles
with playing chase with my baby brother and sister is
they can`t run as fast as
we can.  If we give them homemade bows
and arrows
maybe they can shoot us instead. 
We attach wadded up paper to the end of the
blunt arrow and tape it into


   So now we can play
chase in the
back yard.  Twang!  ``You`re it!``  And the arrow bounces off  harmlessly.
But after repeated use the scotch tape gets dirty.  It begins to loose its
adhesiveness.  Every once in a while an arrow shot will have
a wad of paper
fly straight up into the air and a live piece of cane flies at
the target.
Still pretty harmless.  Effect a quick repair with new tape and its
back in
the game.  Until, that is, I`m
it.  My sister Cathy is running from tree
tree.  I track her laterally with the
bow laid sideways, kind of a lob shot.
Release, and the wad of paper flies straight up in the air.  A live piece of
cane is arcing towards
Cathy.  She gasps in surprise, he mouth
open.  The
arrow enters her mouth from
the left side striking the inside of her right


   It sticks.  She pulls it out with a small jerk.  Then puts both
hands over her mouth and runs
in the house.  There is blood on the end
of the


   My mom is in the
house.  Like looking through the walls I
see a
scenario play out in the kitchen. 
Mom seeing Cathy holder her mouth with
blood coming out says ``Oh my god
what happened.``  I see Cathy say very
accurately ``Mike shot me with an arrow.`` 
Mom has a visual of me standing
over my sister laying on her side on the
patio with my shoe on her neck as I
shoot a compound bow directly into her
mouth.  She is going to murder me.
At that moment the
back door slams open and I see my mother coming.  I flee.
Leaping the back fence with a two handed side vault.  I run away from home as
fast as I can.  I spend the night hiding in Darryl`s carport


Michael Grouchy II
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