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RE: (TFT) Word Value

> > Neil,
> >    I have seen my brother run at full speed in plate mail with no trouble.
> > You may be right.  But my players have never asked for it.  I suppose
> > might balk at the offer it if I point out that this means that every
> > with a pitchfork can wear chain at no DX minus.

> It's one of the things that Rolemaster got right -- wearing armour is a
> I, with so much experience, can put on my kit in the morning, take it off
> night, and not really suffer for having worn it. The young guys wear
> themselves
> out just wearing the stuff. (This is aside from any fatigue garnered while
> actually in combat, though that plays out, too. I fight like an old man,
> conserve energy.)
> Neil Gilmore

     Yes a DX 3 skill in the case of chain mail.  Costs 375 exp for beginning

David Michael Grouchy II

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