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Re: (TFT) Troubles with chase

Kinda digging the stories.  I really liked the end of that one where you shot your sister.  I remember exactly the same feeling .. knowing for certain that my own mother was coming to "get me" and no matter how rational the explanation, I was in serious trouble.  I also remember running until I didn't have any idea what to do next, and trying to come to grips with my new life of exile.  And you know, I bet she could have even been yelling that I wouldn't get in trouble at me while she chased me and it wouldn't have changed my mind one iota.  I was certain that I was about to get the worst beating of my life.  How do you explain later that the reason you ran was not due to guilt, but rather due to fear of her irrational anger?

Good Fortune,

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    This is the best response I have read to one of my stories.  I often
wonder how they are being perceived.  Oh, and thanks for the recipe.  Though
when I first encountered it, it was a spent 10 gauge shotgun shell over the
tip, not a dime.

David Michael Grouchy II
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