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Hey Everyone,

    I have had a lot of fun lately getting my two teenage boys interested, and
close to addicted to all my favorite old games. We have even created our own
world based on the idea of good and evil drawing sides and coming to a
possible war at some point.
    We also do the micro quests with our new characters to build their
experience and knowledge. However we ran into a problem tonight. We got to the
end of Orb Quest (that I downloaded off of a TFT Fan site) they defeated the
Cidri Octopus, and the book tells us to go to 230 to exit the tower.
Unfortunately the copy I have stops at page 59 on number 229, and the next
page is the advertisement for the game "Hell Tank".
    Could someone please send me the last pages of this book, or just number
230 if that is the last instruction? Unfortunately Orb Quest is one of 2 Micro
quests that I don't own, so I can't go to the book. If the character sheet and
map are available also that would awesome as well.


Joseph Simpson
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