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Yes, 230 is the last paragraph. It reads:

230. As you step outside, the air is noticeably clearer and warmet. THe sun
shines brightly overhead. When you turn to look behind you, you see a huge pile
of rubble, the remnants of a once-proud turret. Turning to leave, you find
yourself facing the true wizardly servant of the Thorsz. "The spell is broken,"
he says, "and at least one small part of the damage is undone." Again he
transports you all the the Thorsz's palace, where you all rest and recuperate. A feast is prepared in your honor, where the Thorsz himself toasts your group. "The task is not yet finished, for those who are willing," he states (and for
those of 39 attribute points or less). He looks significantly at those of the
party who qualify. "Well?"

So, yes, it's the end, but nothing much happens.
Neil Gilmore
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