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(TFT) The idea is

   Wierd.  I just found a fragment of a page that was supposed to appear
after the flaming arrow but before shooting my sister.  I'll have to dig
around in my drafts to see if it got shuffled aside somehow.  Now it is even
more insightful to me that the comment was about safer arrow construction.

David Michael Grouchy II

. . .

   So like I was saying.  The Idea is that sure we have seen and shot better
bows, but we can enter the woods with just our knives and make these.  From
Scratch.  And the fact that they are weak makes them safer to shoot at each
other, while we see how far we can develop our bow making skills.

    Then Mark uses a new type of arrow.

   Instead of using a stick that is never quite straight, and always too heavy
Mark uses a particular type of bamboo that dies young and stands completely
dry.  These little pieces of bamboo around the bamboo stands, they die before
they reach the width of a pencil.  They are always straight, very light, and
fly twice as far as our previous green arrows.  10 meters easy.

   I use a 10cm strip of scotch tape around the nock and create a Trefoil of
feathers.  So now we have a bit of rang, and accuracy.  The quest for a better
wood to make bows is redoubled.  Yew Pine is ghastly.  It just bends and
barely springs at all.  We find some better types of wood, but the major
improvement is in only tying the string to the bow on one end.  The other is a
loop we can just fit in the end and the rest of the time the bow can be
unstrung and relaxed.

. . .

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