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(TFT) new player training report

This is short because my back is still out and I only have enough strength
to be here, or play world of warcraft for hours at a time... :)

Our first session:

My opponent picked two out of six: 34 point characters. he left in both
heavy tanks adjDx:7 good move.
he chose a broadsword adjDx:11 fighter and a bow man/mace fighter adj 15/12
w/tower shield.
I took a spear man and another sword fighter. HE won.

Second session:
My opponent took all 4 of the characters mentioned above and I took 8
wolves. I called this scenario wolves at the gate. Clever. Unoriginal.  I
took it easy on him with the wolves at the begining but went in for the kill
toward the end.  He only lost the spear fighter.

The next fight for this session was a giant(str:24, adjDx:10 (magic spell
armor), IQ:8, MA:10 ) and a half elf wizard: ST:9 adjDx:10 IQ:12, leather,
staff.  The wizard forgot his no missle spell on the first turn rule and
fired a 3pt fireball instantly killing one of his opponents. The fight
continued. The giant killed off another one of the 4 opponents. I toyed with
splitting spell fatigue and damage points for the combat on the wizard, but
because i am a purist i couldn't drag my self to do it. Also If I had done
that I would have killed off 2 more of my new players characters. I think
playing in a campaign or a really long combat is a good time to use the
split fatigue/spell points rule but for now I wont.

the guy is now totally hooked on melee/wizard. So much so that he doesn't
want to bother with the ITL rules. I told him that those rules let him buy
up cool armor and weapons and abilities. He is still hesitant.

As always your unsolicited comments are welcome. Gut Yar.
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