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Re: (TFT) new player training report

Quoting joel siragher <joel.siragher@gmail.com>:

thats a good point. we will be playing over the next 2 days on and off. Will
let you know how it goes.
Any one have any mini-scenarios? a paragraph or 2 ideas?

Yes, I do. It's worked well for us in the past when we wanted just some
hack-n-slash to model gladiatorial games. Each player would come up with some
small idea (like the soldiers vs. wolves thing), already having made up both
sides. Then the other player would get to choose which side to play (which
really keeps things even). When we had more players, each would get to choose
which figure(s) to play, with the inventor choosing last. We got some pretty
silly scenarios that way, but it was all fun.
Some I remember:

Dwarves vs. Elves, but the dwarves had no axes, and the elves no bows. Bear chained in the middle of the map, and the humans with nothing but daggers. Wizards vs. halflings, but the wizards had only defensive-type spells and Staff. Of course, there's always the Micro-Quests...
Neil Gilmore
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