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Re: (TFT) Prone Rule Question

Advanced Melee allows this against larger figures when being trampled, so there's precedence.

Here's my question about that, though...Melee assumes both figures go prone when in hand-to-hand. That doesn't make much sense for a trampled figure going hand-to-hand against a giant. Is that the intention?

In other words, better to get trampled by a giant because you can go into hand-to-hand and the giant immediately goes prone, letting your mates get an easy kill. Even better when getting trampled by a barded warhorse, since now you can topple both horse and rider. Otherwise, knocking a 30 ST giant or warhorse down is bloody difficult, and there's no real reason to pull a rider from the saddle -- better to just get trampled and go into hand to hand.

My assumption with the above rule is that you're treated as hand-to-hand, but the larger figure isn't treated as prone (so no +4 for you to hit the giant, similar to the spider encounter in Death Test). That's never explicitly stated, though, and to the contrary I believe the RAW states that both figures end up prone.

--- On Wed, 10/1/08, Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu> wrote:

>Certainly the guy
> standing 
> over him has no place to retreat to (since there are
> figures in all 
> surrounding hexes), and an adjacent figure could have his
> "back to 
> the wall" (or could permit the HTH).
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