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Re: (TFT) Prone Rule Question

At 19:16 -0400 9/30/08, Joe responded to Sgt. Hulka:
 > 1) If a one-hex figure goes prone AND...
 2) An opposing 1-hex figure successfully moves on top of it AND...
 3) All surrounding hexes contain standing 1-hex figures...

 What can the prone figure do?


I think I would allow the prone figure to attempt to crawl into one of the adjacent figures' hexes to engage that figure in HTH, or to engage the guy standing over him in HTH. Certainly the guy standing over him has no place to retreat to (since there are figures in all surrounding hexes), and an adjacent figure could have his "back to the wall" (or could permit the HTH).

Else, I agree with what's already been written. I've always noted the Prone +1 for crossbow shots - but never used it.

I would say "slung" shield is not doing any good for a prone figure. He's not a turtle, he's got legs and heads sticking out that could be hit easiry.
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