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Re: (TFT) What kind of tactics are useful?

Hi PvK, I've got a question about firearms because I've been toying with starting to include them in my wargames. Under Gunpowder weapons, it says the Arquebus takes 4 turns to ready and then 12 turns to load and ready. I assume that to mean that even if you're carrying it loaded, you can't fire it until the fifth round of a combat...until then your busy lighting the matchlock and setting the sights. Is that correct?

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> To add to what others said, dual weapon users can be strong,
> but IIRC it takes a high investment in DX and/or two weapons
> talent to overcome the DX penalties to an effective degree.
> Real pre-cartridge firearms did take at least a minute (12
> turns) to reload. They were and in TFT are very powerful,
> though of course at typical close ranges, just for the first
> volley. You take it loaded into combat and fire it once,
> then hack and slash, often with one less opponent to worry
> about. As with other ranged weapons, it's often not
> either/or, it's shoot and if then fight the survivors.
> Same deal with thrown weapons. Throw the javelin and then
> engage with the shortsword, etc."
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