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Re: (TFT) What kind of tactics are useful?

No, I use a drawing-a-sword rules analogy, since (unless I mis-remember) it doesn't say it becomes unready if you move in combat. Marching around, you wouldn't have it all ready, and it takes 4 turns to ready the weapon and gear for firing if you had it comfortable for marching, or if your weapon goes unready because you ready another weapon or fall down or climb a wall or some other action that unreadies weapons. But you can ready it before an expected combat and keep up with the crossbowmen, etc. 

In a detailed roleplaying campaign, the GM could and I'd think might want to make slightly more detailed rules about what exactly is involved for purposes of roleplaying, detail, consistency, dealing with clever player ideas, etc. Like, does it need a lit fire source to be ready, how much noise/light does that make, if you want to keep it ready with a lighter, how fast does your fire source get used up, etc.

--- hulkasgt@yahoo.com wrote:
Under Gunpowder weapons, it says the Arquebus takes 4 turns to ready and then 12 turns to load and ready. I assume that to mean that even if you're carrying it loaded, you can't fire it until the fifth round of a combat...until then your busy lighting the matchlock and setting the sights. Is that correct?
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