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Re: (TFT) Prone Rule Question

A multi-hex creature occupying the same space as a single hex creature is treated as "trampling" with has it's own rule in the book.  They're not in HTH, they're trampling you.  You on the other hand, are prone and considered in HTH if you fail your roll to escape to an adjacent hex, but the Giant or whatever is not engaged by you so they can simply continue on without sensing your presence.

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...In other words, better to get trampled by a giant because you can go into hand-to-hand and the giant immediately goes prone, letting your mates get an easy kill. Even better when getting trampled by a barded warhorse, since now you can topple both horse and rider. Otherwise, knocking a 30 ST giant or warhorse down is bloody difficult, and there's no real reason to pull a rider from the saddle -- better to just get trampled and go into hand to hand.

My assumption with the above rule is that you're treated as hand-to-hand, but the larger figure isn't treated as prone (so no +4 for you to hit the giant, similar to the spider encounter in Death Test). That's never explicitly stated, though, and to the contrary I believe the RAW states that both figures end up prone.
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