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(TFT) How would sieges work in TFT?

So far, I've just played on small 18x18 hex arenas.  It allows for some
maneuverability, and you don't have to wait long to get into combat.  However,
I was thinking down the road of expanding the battlefield.  The first thing
that I thought of was the idea of a siege.  That way I could bring in
ballistas, catapults, and cannons that I couldn't really use otherwise.  The
only thing that bugs me is the lack of rules for sieges.

I saw a few things floating around in the archive, but I was wondering if
there were any definitive rules you'd say were the best.  I would imagine a
long stretch of land between the castle and war machines.  The catapults and
cannons would fire away, while the troops close in on the castle gates with
ladders and a ram.  Meanwhile fast cavalry sally forth from the castle to take
out the war machines, and archers rain down arrows and drop boiling oil onto
the attackers.  Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Does the melee/wizards system work for sieges?  There would be a lot record
keeping, since there would be more figures to keep track of.  Is it even

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