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(TFT) Suggested rewards?

I am trying to set a bit of longevity between battles.

If you read my previous battle reports, the new player is running the same 4
characters against things I throw at him. He would like some sense of
advancement. He also wants some cash to spend.

This is what i came up with:

For every opponent defeated:

The character that does the killing blow will get 25xp. This saves having to
keep track of how many hp put on an opponent. In a game where he is fighting
vs Superior numbers, like I did last week he would get 1.5 times that. Plus
5 pts per char for every active hour in play.

If the character died during play then He'd get only half his experience
points. That way we dont have to keep making up new characters. Also, this
is considered training missions till we get use to the system.

Having said all that I want to throw in some monetary rewards so the
characters can buy up fine weaps, potions, scrolls and stuff.

Im thinking that these characters are going into the arena and are probably
paying 50 or 100 dollars. Maybe if they live through the whole session with
out dying off pay them 5  times what they put up. If they die, they just
give up their entrance fee.

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