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RE: (TFT) The Music of Cidri

> From: rsmith@lightspeed.ca> > My psionic rules are based on this song!> >
(Please don't ask to see them, because they > sucked, are long lost and I
would have to> type them in from scratch.)
   Could we ask you to just type them from scratch instead?  Haha, ha, just
joking.  I dabbled with Psionic rules once.  Every unspent extra character
point a character has is their psionic power.  Unspent points are just like
psionic IQ.  I stay away from psionics though because of how it destroyed
AD&D.  Maybe that's a little strong.  Maybe I should say trumped.

   The guy who added Psionics to AD&D agreed as well.  He spent a couple of
years discussing it on a forum with Gary Guygax up until the week before he
passed.  They all agreed that a game should have a magic system _or_ a psionic
system, but not both.  In all the particulars I was surprised to find their
fellings mirroing mine.

    For instance in the story where I kill my brothers' level 27 Ranger lord
`Titan' and he then retires him.  He read it recently and told me this.

    ``The reason I retired is that the climax had already past.  We were
fighting demigorgon in the room just before those 6 pit fiends and everyone
was dead but Titan, Darryl, Scott, and Brian Skiner.  We were all standing
ontop of each other inside a little 3" bubble of a psionic shield.  All our
henchmen were dead and everyone was out of psionic points except Brian.  There
was only one chance, he had to critical, then like critical again and
Demigorgon would become a robot under his control.  When he actually made both
rolls we all hit the roof.  Unbeleivable.``

   David Michael Grouchy II

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