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Re: (TFT) Timing combat options and defending.

Assuming the player being attacked has not moved too far to defend (half-MA, some GM's only allow player to move 2 and defend), and they have a weapon readied, and they have not acted already, they can choose to defend which will be their only action for that round.  Defending and Dodging are both covered in the basic rulebook (Mele).  
There are three base books, Mele, Advanced Mele and Advanced Wizard produced by Metagaming inc..   You can often find these books on eBay by searching on "TFT", "Fanstasy Trip", or "metagaming".  I always assume that people have found a copy of these books when they find the game, it's pretty much impossible to reverse engineer the rules from the modules.
You can also go to http://www.thefantasytrip.org/ webring and someone probably has posted a pdf of the books, maybe not.  (what happens when a wizard fails an analyze magic roll?)
Good Fortune,
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