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Re: (TFT) Timing combat options and defending.

Oh!  I totally forgot to mention the most annoying thing about my photocopied books!  

Back when I made the copy from a copy.. the copy paper was slick, kinda glossy stuff and not the softer copy paper you buy today.  The toner in copiers is essentially plastic with a staining agent that is melted onto the page, so the combination of this plastic and shiny sheets of paper is that all the pages in the book stick together and leave a little ghost imprint behind each time i open a page.  The notebook binder is white, or was, and the first and last pages are totally readable on the binder at this point.  And througout the book it can be really hard to read any page.  

Amazingly enough, i still use this crap copy so I don't "mess up" my new books (which are sealed in acid free airtight bags to preserve the books.  Only an adult does something stupid like that.  As a kid I would have trashed the books with use.

I do love handing these books to other people though.  The look on their faces is priceless as they peel apart the pages!

Good Fortune,

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no dis respect taken. really :)

On 10/3/08, Richard Walters <rick.walters@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just trying to be helpful.  The only copy of the books I had for about 20
> years was a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy and I was missing pages
> that wandered out of the notebook when the hole-punched pages failed and
> slid to freedom.  Also I had pages that half of the text was garbled to such
> an extent that it was unreadable.  ...
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