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RE: (TFT) Prone Rule Question

> 1) If a one-hex figure goes prone AND...
> 2) An opposing 1-hex figure successfully moves on top of it AND...
> 3) All surrounding hexes contain standing 1-hex figures...
> What can the prone figure do?

Sgt Hulka,
   A one hex figure cannot move ''on top'' of a living figure with out
entering Hand-to-Hand combat.  HTH is attempted by moving onto a figure.  What
is proposed here should never come up in the first place.

   Unless. . .

   Someone spends $650,000 on a Revival gas bomb (not allowed by the normal
rules), a wish is used to restore life to a figure stood on.  In this case I
recommend the Force Back rules.  Specifically the special situation where
someone is forced back, but every hex is already occupied.

David Michael Grouchy II

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