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Re: (TFT) Gauging difficulty / Encounter level, and player level?

------ "joel siragher"  wrote:-----------------------------------
I threw  a leader, 2 lieuys, and 8 scouts at the group and decimated

1 threw 2 stone beetles and 2 bears at the group and they did really well...

their point levels are 34, 34, 35, 35.
is there  a formulat beside point level to see how tough a group and or how tough a monster is?

No magic formula, I am afraid.  Mostly experience and judgement (sorry).  As it turns out, I am really good at judging a threat to my players, so I'll share a few gudelines:

The first rule is - It Depends...

On the party.  Are they a well oiled killing machine, do they work well together, are they great at a distance, but terrible in melee, or vice versa,  slow moving and heavily armored, or fast and furius?

The party's standardd tactics will matter, as will the opponent's tactics.

If the bad guys match up well, or employ tactics or formations that will disadvantage the party, then a weaker group can still be a formidable threat.  (missile attacks, pole arms, armored guys up front, cover, maybe a peculiar weapon, or a trap, all these things add up)

Tactics aside, there are a few guiding principals.  A large group of weaker opponents is more dangerous thana small group of strong opponents (see your examples) because they get so many more actions.  Not just attacks, but opportunities to manuver, engage, get positioning bonuses, or even have a spare guy tend to the wounded.  

Similarly a hi st low dex giant or two with big scary clubs look tough, but they are easier to face than 5 well run hobgoblins.  this is especially true if the party is not heavily armored (since the small attacks hurt if you are lightly armored).

Sorry, thats all I got.  I use those as  a guideline, and go by feel.

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