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RE: (TFT) Slow Magic

> How about this (POMA-style) house rule?
>> The roll to succeed is made upfront . . .

> This is a major departure from the sprit of TFT. Particularly since a word > of command cast with this method will require eighteen turns, one and a half > whole minutes, to complete. Looking at a failed roll I see zero motive for > the character to not just break off casting and starting over till they have a
> success.

Really? If you fail, you fail in one turn and you spend one fatigue in doing so. It seems exactly the same as regular TFT, unless I've misinterpreted the rules all these years. The missile rule similarly mimics the fact that failure still results in the full fatigue cost since it fails once it "left the dock" so to speak.

There is of course no motive to continue to cast a spell you know is going to fail, but you still pay the one point fatigue cost. So to use your example, I see two rounds of failure before successfully casting Word of Command taking 20 rounds and three fatigue still pretty reasonable. 60 rounds, too much.

If it still seems too steep, maybe just make it fatigue cost = number of rounds. I originally came up with the IQ part when I was thinking of no fatigue cost, but then I changed my mind.

The gist of the rule was just an exercise in a simple time/fatigue tradeoff, but as I said, I haven't tried it yet, so I don't really know how well it would work. Clearly, its strength would be in prepared battles where there would be time to set up a spell and still be able to go in there swinging!

Finally, I must admit that the idea for this was based on the spellcasting rules in the Solomon Kane RPG from Pinnacle. I left out shortening the casting time by imposing a negative modifier, but that could easily be put back in (i.e. a spell could take less time, but there would be a penalty on the roll of -1/round shortened).

- Marc Gacy
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