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RE: (TFT) Slow Magic

> Really? If you fail, you fail in one turn and you spend one fatigue in >
doing so.  It seems exactly the same as regular TFT, unless I've
> misinterpreted the rules all these years.

    Really.  Yes, really.   In TFT the roll is done at the end.  For a demon
summoning over multiple turns, for an enchantment at the end of each week, and
for a potion at the end of that weeks work.
    Further, I now have confirmation from you that my suspicion that your new
rules are colored by this fundamental miss apprehension of the rules.  I
wasn't sure when I first read it, but my instincts suggested that it might be
true by the way you casually mention rolling first, and then go on to explain
what you considered to be the more involved and _really_ different part.  The
good news is that it doesn't substantially change you optional rules.  Well .
. .  at least not when the spell succeeds.  But a failed Word of Command
should cost the full 18 turns.  Further the player should not _know_ that the
spell is going to fail until the last turn when they make the roll.
    Other than that, I can agree with you on the sentence quoted above.  They
do spend one fatigue.

David Michael Grouchy II

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