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(TFT) Standing up... movement or action?

This has been bothering me for awhile, so I'll just ask it now.  When during
the turn does a figure stand up if they were knocked down in combat?  I'll use
an example.  There are elves and orcs fighting.  The elves have higher DX, so
all of them go first before any of the orcs.  A few elves attack an orc and
deal 8 hits to him.  He falls down.  The other elves that have not taken their
actions may attack the orc on the ground (if they were adjacent) and get the
+4 bonus to hit him.  When the knocked down orc's turn comes, will he be able
to stand up?

The next question I was wondering is when you actually stand up during your
turn.  Do you do it during your movement phase?  I believe it mentions
something about kneeling or prone figures just standing still and changing
their stances.  Or do you have to wait until the action phase in the order of

I've been playing if that if you get knocked down, you lose your action for
the turn if you didn't take it.  You must wait until your action next turn to
stand up.  Is that correct?

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