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RE: (TFT) Standing up... movement or action?

>  When during> the turn does a figure stand up if they were knocked down in

   During actions on the turn after they lose their action.

> > The next question I was wondering is when you actually stand up during
your> turn.

   When it is your turn to action according to your Adjusted DX.

> > I've been playing if that if you get knocked down, you lose your action
for> the turn if you didn't take it. You must wait until your action next turn
to> stand up. Is that correct?

   If you make sure they lose a turn then yes.  If they have already actioned
on the turn they are knocked down they lose the next turn, and as a
consequence will have to wait for the turn after that to stand up.

   Standing up is an action not a move.

David Michael Grouchy II

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