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Re: (TFT) Standing up... movement or action?

These are great posts about the stand up rules because it really is kind of tricky to get something that makes sense and is playable.  The last time I played I believe we decided to allow stand up to occur during movement if you were not engaged, but during actions (at AdjDX) if you were engaged.

Also, regarding pole weapons set vs. charge, I believe we tried changing the rule slightly to say that if you stepped in only one hex toward a pole weapon wielder then you were not subject to the set vs. charge modifiers.  In other words, running onto a pole weapon is a different matter than carefully working your way in.


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Theoeretically.  And, being able to force retreat on a prone figure is worse.  Imagine being knocked down and then charged again and again while you tried to ready.  It can even happen if they don't force retreat and lose initiative.

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