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Re: (TFT) Standing up... movement or action?

I would like to add that in the earlier Microquest versions of Melee and Wizards standing up took place during movement. Those rules are very specific on this point. When the Advanced rules came out I suspect that many of us who started playing TFT with the earlier rules never noticed the subtle shift which now seemed to place standing up during the action phase according to DX. The dilemma is simple, which set of rules do you believe is correct? A. the Advanced rules because they are the "newest", better play-tested and corrected version or B. the Microquest rules believing, as I do, that the Advanced rules were rushed to print (as SJ has said) and small errors in the game mechanics due to the way they were worded crept in. My gut feeling is, that in their effort to clean up the wording and presentation of the options, the standing during movement rule was misplaced, cut unintentionally or they simple forgot to include it.

The Microquest games went through (correct me if I'm wrong) 4 revisions. If they were to change this rule I would suspect it would have happened during one of these editions. I'll assume they were play- testing the game as they went and saw no real reason to alter the standing up during movement rule. The Advance Rules had no revised editions, and if it had, I suspect that the standing rule would have been clarified back to the way it originally was.

Now don't jump on me, I know this is pure speculation. But in my opinion the game flows and plays better when you leave standing up as it was originally written, firmly in the movement portion of the turn.

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