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Re: (TFT) Standing up... movement or action?

Personally, I like allowing standing as a solitary action during movement and allowing stand and ready as an option during attack.  To me this makes common sense.  If I'll allow any other action, such as taking another HTH, then it seems viable to allow a simple attempt to stand up.  Maybe it should come with a roll during action (in fact I might ammend my own house rule to require a roll, maybe against adj ST!).  
But, not to allow the person to stand until the next action turn is just wrong in my opinion.  Most times the way the person found themself on the ground in the first place is because they were slower.  If they have to wait until their action, then not only will their attacker hit them first, again; they will also get a bonus to do it.  Remember, it's always best to look at the rule as if you are the one being knocked down by a faster attacker.  Daemon hits first, daemon does 3d damage for.. 14, you're knocked down.  You must wait until next action to stand when he'll just hit you first again and knock you down again.  Do you want to engage the daemon in HTH?  
Good Fortune,

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Now don't jump on me, I know this is pure speculation. But in my  
opinion the game flows and plays better when you leave standing up as  
it was originally written, firmly in the movement portion of the turn.

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