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Re: (TFT) Standing up... movement or action?

I didn't make the rule originally, so I don't know the exact "why" on this one.  But, in practice, this rule meant that if you were faster, you had the advantage of knocking the guy down, but if you were slower you had the advantage of being able to stand again quickly (since you had not done anything else that turn except get all bummed out, which takes no time at all).  BTW.. you could not stand and ready on action if you had moved more than half MA, of course.  

Trying to remember just when and why this came up, I believe it had soemthing to do with quickready/quickdraw talent.  Specifically, I think it was meant as a tweak to cull the number of people with quickdraw pole weapons talent (our quickdraw talents were for specific weapon classes).  

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> Personally, I like allowing standing as a solitary action during  
> movement and allowing stand and ready as an option during attack.  
> To me this makes common sense.  If I'll allow any other action, such  
> as taking another HTH, then it seems viable to allow a simple  
> attempt to stand up.  Maybe it should come with a roll during action  
> (in fact I might ammend my own house rule to require a roll, maybe  
> against adj ST!).

Hmm, I do not see the difference in just allowing a person to stand  
during movement. Unless you mean that if I knock you down on DX 14  
then you get to stand on your action on DX 11. That's not right to me.  
The reason you get knocked down in this is game due to a massive,  
injury producing blow. This reaction to the injury is factored into  
the fact that you can not immediately jump right back up on your feet.  
(Recall that smaller injuries give you a -2DX as the penalty to the  
injury producing blow until you shake off the effects of the injury.  
Not enough to knock you down but a penalty non-the-less.)
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